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Mental Health America of Dubuque County
P.O. Box 283 Dubuque Iowa IA 52004 US


  • Increase Awareness
  • Advocate
  • Collaborate with other stakeholders
  • Connect those who care
  • Educate
  • Respond to needs

Choosing How You Can Help

We know it can be hard to get involved and take a stand , but we need everyone working together to make a difference.

  • Sue Whitty, President
  • Matt Zanger, Vice-President
  • Bridget Bartlett
  • Debra Klein
  • Hunter Darrouzet
  • Cindy Hess
  • Jerry Jorgensen
  • Kimberly Nelson
  • Sara Dowell
  • Lynn Sutton

Mental Health America of Dubuque County

We have been around for 60 years!  MHA was formed in 1957 and has been a steady force in the Dubuque area bringing people together who care about mental health. The needs are always great and there is much to do to advocate for our most vulnerable citizens.

Hillcrest Family Services

Lutheran Services of Iowa (LSI of Dubuque)

Substance Abuse Services Center (SASC of Dubuque)

COMMUNICATION & MARKETING---Sara Dowell, Hunter Darrouzet, Bridget Bartlett
FUND RAISING---Cindy Hess, Kim Nelson
EDUCATION---Matt Zanger,  Debbie Klein, Lynn Sutton 
SCHOLARSHIP---Jerry Jorgenson 

MEMBERSHIP---Position Vacant

MHA COMMITTEE Leadership: 

Taking Care of Mental Health Needs

Collaboration between community partners is essential to improve awareness, increase accessibility and create mental health friendly legislation. 


Some of What We DO:

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